Two Liga MX clubs are seeking to sign Nicolas Benedetti for Clausura 2022.

Monday, November 29, 2021

Our partner for the weekend Jonathan Pen Commented that the set of Bravos de Jurais is one of the teams interested In obtaining the signature Nicholas Benedetti. This is because it is one of the elements in United States He did not give what he needed, so they expect him to leave the next match.

Earlier in the season, it was rumored that the Colombian player could leave the Azul Grema team, however, there have been talks in recent days. Macadlon They were not as expected because the footballer had no choice but to come with the Conslingers. Now his future will be gone Copa Also joining an interested party.

When they are headed Ricardo Ferretti The midfielder will be the first team to look for a reporter Brian cold, Revealed that Nexa It will be another of the clubs interested in strengthening with Benedetti, so there will be a fight between these two clubs to get a share of the non-operating member in the United States. Santiago Solari.

For which team can Benetti be selected?

Of course, negotiations depend on what the commands say, especially because of the results the eagles delivered in this match. The Hydro-Warm team will have chances to be with the midfielder because it sounds a lot Nico Castillo Will arrive Aguascalientes, The good relationship between the two clubs is the reason why both footballers left.

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