Troops continue to control illegal entry of Haitians

The Special Border Protection Organization (CESSFREND) has detained more than 750 undocumented Haitians attempting to cross the Dominican border irregularly through the northern border line.

Chessfront Director Brigadier General Jose Manuel Duran Infante said yesterday that the detention measures were the result of a border reinforcement ordered by Defense Minister Lt. Gen. Carlos Luciano Diaz Morba.

During the surveillance operations, drones with heat cameras, substandard motorcycles and other technical equipment were used, resulting in the arrest of 754 Haitians, including men, women and children, who were detained during the day and night while attempting to infiltrate northern land. Border.

Brigadier General Duron Infante, who is personally in charge of the operation, said there were more than 3,000 detainees so far in January and February, and that they would continue to work hard to maintain security along the Haitian border.

Prisoners were handed over for purposes related to the Directorate General of Migration and the National Children’s Council (Conani).

Due to the political and social crisis in Haiti, as a result of demonstrations and violent demonstrations, hundreds of Haitians tried to enter the Dominican border daily and fled the instability of the neighboring country.

In this context, President Louis Abinader ordered the strengthening of the border area by sending more troops to increase surveillance and avoid tensions that could affect the country.

The military in Chesapeake and the Dominican Republic has intensified detention and deported hundreds of undocumented Haitians to their homeland, in conjunction with the Directorate General of Public Migration.

Government status

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On October 30, 2020, President Abinader confirmed that the situation in Haiti was one of the major problems of the Dominican government.

During an interview with foreign journalists in English, the President explained on the occasion that instability in the neighboring country and its poverty, its crisis situation and the difficult situation of controlling the people on the streets. He said unfortunately the Haitian government did not have the powers to control the situation.

He pointed out that securing the border for the Dominican Republic was very expensive, with about 7,000 soldiers and about 800 members in the Chesapeake, which was very expensive. He said more technical ways are being sought to protect the border.

The President said that the United States, France (which has historical ties with Haiti), Canada and other countries could jointly implement a development program that would lead the neighboring country towards prosperity and democracy.


American Review.

At an Efe office in Port-au-Prince, the United States reportedly raised the tone of criticism of the Haitian government and expressed “condemnation” of the “dictatorial” and “anti-democratic” actions taken by President Joanne Moyes. .

Moisil Attack.

The U.S. embassy in Port-au-Prince on Wednesday announced a series of tweets from Julie Sung, deputy assistant secretary of the US State Department’s Western Hemisphere Affairs Office, in which Washington condemned Moyes for the first time. It opened with judges and the opposition amid a severe institutional crisis.

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