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ProCiencia is the executive body of Concytec that works to promote research and innovation in Peru. We work to enhance the country’s scientific and technological capabilities, and encourage high-impact projects in various fields of knowledge.

ProCiencia, the implementing body for Concytec, announces the allocation of more than S$55 million in funding for 36 pilot R&D laboratories. These projects, selected through the Strengthen Labs call, address a wide range of challenges, from environmental conservation and food security to advances in genomics and nanomaterials. This represents an important step towards sustainable development and international competitiveness, promoted by Peruvian laboratories.

The Laboratory Strengthening Call has awarded a total of 36 grants worth up to S$1.85 million, with funding totaling more than S$55.5 million. The goal is to strengthen the technological capacities and competencies of laboratories of public bodies that are members of the National Science, Technology and Innovation System (SINACTI), through the acquisition of specialized equipment and training of personnel.

Concytec has prioritized the selection of laboratories dedicated to research in key areas, including the low-carbon economy, climate resilient economy, health, digital economy, and information and communications technology (ICT).

The noteworthy fact is that 14 of the subsidies were allocated to universities and research institutes located in 11 regions in Peru, adding a total of S$21.3 million to strengthen laboratories outside Lima. In addition, approximately 40% of the winning projects and laboratories are led by Peruvian researchers, strengthening the representation of female scientists in the country’s STI ecosystem.

These projects are a sample of research and development efforts in Peruvian laboratories that cover various scientific disciplines. Among the highlights are the “Strengthening of the Laboratory of Analytical Techniques” of the Peruvian Nuclear Energy Institute, with a focus on environmental conservation, reducing the effects of natural disasters and climate change, as well as improving the management of water resources through nuclear technology. . Another related project is “Implementation of a Laboratory for Advanced Analysis of Volatile and Non-Volatile Compounds of Coffee and Cocoa,” which could improve the quality and competitiveness of Peruvian products in international markets.

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In addition, subsidies have been allocated to projects related to genomics, bioinformatics, research in new luminescent materials, sustainable livestock systems, conservation of Peruvian alpacas, research in nanomaterials, microbiology, and food safety, all of which are essential for scientific and economic development. . Development of the country.

Together, these projects have the potential to improve Peru’s research and development capabilities in various fields, which could lead to significant advances in environmental conservation, food security, competitiveness in the production of agricultural products, understanding of biodiversity and the development of advanced technologies. This will contribute to sustainable growth and development in the country.

The 36 winning projects were selected from a list of more than 170 proposals applied until September 8, under the call drawn up by ProCiencia’s Sinacti II Enhancement Project.

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