Diego Repagliatti Reveals Brian Reina’s Follow Up Behavior Video “They Follow Him” ​​Peruvian National Team | game

Days have passed since the first victory In view Savior In the era And after compliments to the party leader, Today the accolade comes with a desire to sustain this performance, however, the player’s past raises some doubts, He knows that, and that’s why he steers so well Kantolav Academy.

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I understand that this moment of Raina is not a coincidence, this moment is the product of something else. I believe Reina is already starting to make good decisions that bring him closer to the good player they want at La Videna.”, said the former defender about the Salako player’s moment.

The commentator also expressed doubts created by his recent past. “It is up to them to catch He has a history in the past that can raise a suspicion that allows one to suspect, and the only person who can dispel those doubts is himself with a good background and intelligence. To make good decisions. Listening to colleagues and good friends”, said the former footballer.

Diego Repagliatti warns of follow-up to Brian Reina (Video: Moviestar Deportes)

Repagliatti warns Brian about ‘following’ Reyna

The former advised him to close his ears to those who want to mislead him.You don’t need to listen to people who push you and suggest things that don’t guide you as a footballer 24 hours a day.”, he explained.

Repagliati, Team Member’After all‘, he also explained what his routine should look like.You don’t have to take care of yourself on game days or practice days, but every day of the week. For example, there is no game this weekend, What Raina needs to be careful of is the news that now they are looking for him“, he pointed out.

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This was not news before. A player from Cantolavo is not followed, but a player from the Peruvian national team is. Today Raina is a national team player, not because they follow you, she has to behave well, but basically you have to behave well and be very smart.”, the commentator concluded that he cannot be seen as the protagonist of the show.

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