Tensions between Washington and Chisinau! The decision of the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova shook the water

The U.S. embassy in the Republic of Moldova expressed its regret in Thursday’s vote in the Cicino parliament, which approved the termination of the agreement with the United States on the site of the former Republican stadium where the new headquarters of US diplomatic missions were to be built. Report by Chisinau, Radio Chisinau, Europa Libra, Agora.MD and Deshide.MD.

“The United States has been in good faith negotiations with successive governments of the Republic of Moldova for more than a decade on land acquisition. This cancellation violates a bilateral agreement, violates international law and adversely affects relations between the United States and the Republic of Moldova,” the diplomatic mission said in a statement issued Thursday evening.

Moldovan Prime Minister Ian Siku has criticized the vote

The United States was ready to invest more than $ 250 million to build a new embassy in Chisinau, which would have created hundreds of jobs in the project, which could help Chisinau’s development, the text says. .

“As I have continued, any new construction on this land will respect its cultural and historical significance. We urge the authorities of the Republic of Moldova to reconsider this action and respect the obligations they have accepted after negotiations,” the statement from the US Embassy underlined.

Moldovan Prime Minister Ian Siku criticized the referendum, – in a post on Facebook – “This is not a successful decision”, which could affect the relationship with a strategic partner. He said it would be wrong to repeat or amend a law aimed at bilateral relations between strategic partners.

Embassy replaced by “a Moldovan or Pesarabiland”

Representatives of the Socialist Party of the Republic of Moldova (PSRM), or the party and the former Democrat, voted for “for Moldova” after a vote Thursday on a bill to return state-owned land to the former Republican arena. Only sports or cultural purposes can be created in it.

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Controversial businessman Olay Meyer immediately welcomed the vote in parliament, saying it was the first step in realizing his idea of ​​building a large sports, education and leisure center in the stadium, “a Moldovan or Pasarabialand”.

By a decision in August 2018, the government of Powell Philip approved the allocation of land on the former Republican grounds for the construction of the new headquarters of the US Embassy.

In October of that year, Parliament passed a law allowing “the transfer of land set aside for Americans for embassy construction.” However, President Igor Dodan did not sign the law, which led to his suspension from office by the Constitutional Court, and the document was signed by then-Speaker of Parliament Andrian Conte, recalls Deskite.M.T.

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