Miko-accented craftsman running out of space at Festa do Marisco

The management of the tents emptied the site of cultural content

04 October 2022 . Updated at 05:00.

The location of Festa do Marisco is missing this year part of its gist. The absence of a craft tent, where traditional shell jewelry is usually sold, is not and will not be, which did not go unnoticed by the most devoted visitors of the gastronomic event. The craft tent has been managed in recent years by Colareira, Montse Betanzos, whose work is supported by the craftsman’s charter and its successes in markets, stores in major European capitals, and catwalks.

Betanzos always wanted his work to be present at the party. In a way, it was a way to add a grain of sand to diversify the offer O Grove had to its visitors. But this year, Collarera gave up occupying that tent. I disagree with the way forward, the city council could not have removed the rules fifteen days before the event, Suspension. The action was delayed, and the foundations for tent exploitation became expensive. This is another question our managers have been asking for years: they can’t decide after two years of the pandemic to raise up to 3,000 euros or concession fees, it can’t be afforded, because you have to add 3,500 euros more than staying in the tent, yes or yes, you have to be from Through the company that manages other infrastructurepoint necklaceWho receives in his workshop the visits of those wishing to know his work. In his opinion, it would be more appropriate to have concessions for two or three years, which would provide some stability. In this sense, remember that bidding on the craft tent started in 2019 from €2,000, so this 50% increase is incomprehensible. Betanzos does not hide his displeasure, because not being in the party square means devoid of content The celebration specifically left her an orphan of necklaces that They are the heritage of Nusa Villa. His absence is not the only noticeable reason: all of Miku’s talent, which appeared in the form of crafts and trade, is missing. There’s nowhere to buy a party-themed shirt or scarf.

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