Danilo Medina promises that the PLD is back

Former Republican President Danilo Medina confirmed on Wednesday that the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) had “returned” after meeting with the mayors and district directors of that political body.

This was stated by the PLD in a statement, which highlights the work they have to do to achieve their goals of “shining the party and returning to the development and stability of the country”.

According to the document, fifteen councilors in the legislature presented their views and recommendations on the formation of the Alderman Councils and the formal request for a technical support from the PLD leadership.

During his presentation, the former president took the advice of a technical committee, recalling that in the 1980s the party was successful in building an authority of that nature, with the aim of advising and accompanying municipalities.

Similarly, municipalities should form committees to manage social networks, protect their efforts and initiatives, and help liaise with PLD addresses in municipalities and provinces that are members of the political committee that will be linked to party reorganization.

The former head of state asked mayors and directors to remember “the respectful treatment given to councilors by the Dominican Liberation Party administration, regardless of political affiliation.”

What the mayors and directors said

Ramon Santos, president of the Federation of Municipal Districts, drew up recommendations for Town Hall Day, the approach of mayors, mayors and directors to implement the so-called Golden Rule of the municipality next Saturday.

Santiago’s Mayor Abel Martinez explained that the PLD’s municipal structure was the organization’s main political strength, and called on his colleagues to cooperate with councilors of building councils and to be vigilant in any action by the ruling party.

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