Point Pedro Troclio: ‘We won the team or I do not believe we are champions’ – Ten

Olympiad He fell 5-0, which was pure joy for Argentina Point Pedro Troclio, Coach of Albos.

Lyon’s strategist spoke to the media at a press conference and shared his assessments of the fall of Tiburon.

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“This is another good plan for the team, thank God, playing every three days, today we were careful with the three yellow card holders, we decided to put in new guys, we added some guys who didn’t play so much, we were lucky to win on our court, follow what we have to do. After that we had the opportunity to leave out four aspects that were not logically defined, but in the face of the rest there is still a plus to continue this struggle in leadership ”, the first words of Troclio.

Now regarding the difference of the points between Olympiad And Motagua (four units) to lead the group Point Pedro Troclio Makes it clear that you want to win the classic.

“I do not believe we won the team or we are champions. It ends on May 26 or 27, ends in the lap in a week, but we have a difference. You have a better chance. The team that follows you, has to go a long way. You still have to win one game. , You have to play the classics, you have to win it, you have to secure the first place, “said Argentina.

What did you like most about this victory against the Platons? Asked Troclio: “I liked the fact that we were clear about what we were playing, there are games that have to be played in a certain way, sometimes beyond the fact that we can hold the ball for a while, we play those balls behind our defender when we see the chance, we do it, and now we do it We don’t think we’re going to do that because we’re winning, no, we’re constantly trying to work out our idea of ​​the game and it’s going to change for the better. “

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The best Olympia?

Point Pedro Troclio Says it is one of the best versions Olympiad Since he came to take over the company.

“All the finals of the last match, after we came back from the bubble, are, to this day, the best version of it Olympiad Because I was here. Since December, this part, I feel this is the best version, we did not fail to put together the period before we did, because the idea was that the players will come in the best way for the month of May, the truth is that what Professor Pablo Martinez has done is interesting, to bear the loads and to run this team I would like to highlight that this work is the first level in terms of physical preparation, ”he explained.

“Improvement is something that can be done every day, mistakes are always made, even if you win 5-0, for example, they do not kick us towards the goal, but we allow unnecessary upside down deconcentration, they kick us very little, but always improve, mistakes that cannot be made Yes, sometimes they save your life, sometimes not, “he concluded.

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