Former US footballer Honduras classified as ‘accidental’, says Canada ‘most harmful’ – Dice

A few hours for the decisive meeting between Against Honduras. United States Former American footballer for a ticket to the Tokyo Olympics Hercules Gomez Bicolor sparked controversy by making sure it qualified for the semifinals Before the Olympics By accident “.

“Honduras has a team that is active in the Honduran league, while Canada has only odd players in the MLS and the old powers of the Old Continent, but nothing important,” Gomez began. ESPN Game.

He added: “What is happening is that in the first game Honduras had the advantage of facing a Haiti, it exploded, they came with 10 players and he had to be asked to play in gloves with a footballer who did not have a goalkeeper. , They scored one more goal than Canada. That’s why they go (to the semifinals) because of the goal difference, but if you ask me in terms of team, line, line, talent, I see more elements to do “damage” in Canada than Honduras. “

According to the former footballer, the most important match for the United States in the first round was “against Costa Rica”, which he called the “ugly team”.

In addition, he assured North Americans that there are plenty of footballers in Europe who will not be able to compete and that players have started their season with clubs.

“We see players coming from Honduras, they all play in the local league. If we are going to say that the Honduran league or the MLS is the strongest national team in their history, we should go to the United States.”

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At the end of the speech, journalist Andrs Akulla said that Bicolor could compete with the United States for the player lineup and the Fabian Coyote process.

“This is a well-functioning team that does not display the same talents as the United States. Coyote has come up with an idea and I think we can compete with the United States around it,” Arculla closed.

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