Cubano arrives by surprise and makes a video call to his parents in front of their house

A Cuban living in Mexico arrived at his home in Cuba by surprise and made a video call to his parents from outside his home in Mexico.

Parents who knew where he was calling them came out to receive them excitedly, on reunion postcards created by a growing number of Cuban immigrants.

Video Shared by im_leon_h’s Tik Tok accountA young Cuban working as a professional model and personal trainer in Mexico.

On Tik Tok, internet users commented on the video, highlighting the emotions it evoked.

“Every time I watch this video I can’t help but cry, a blessing to all those who have the joy of being able to see their family,” said one Cuban.

“No one knows better than another Cuban the pain we feel and the longing for reunification,” reflected another.

The migration crisis waged by Cubans in recent years has turned family reunions into a moving source of emotion for thousands of citizens of Cuban descent wherever they live.

In mid-August, another emotional Tik Tok video gave an account A welcoming ceremony for a Cuban immigrant visiting the island after 10 years abroad A native of the country, and received with great joy and affection, not only by his immediate relatives, but by many friends and neighbors in his neighborhood.

The pictures show expressions of joy and boundless emotion – he is accompanied by his wife and their minor son- as well as relatives and friends.

Played by a Cuban who fled the country in May, 2019 An emotional reunion with his mother in the municipality of Manatee, At Las Dunas, four years after he left.

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A month later, A Cuban mother collapsed while hugging her daughter again in Jagüey Grande, Matanzas province. I haven’t seen it in five years.

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