They issue immigration warnings against you

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National Organization for Migration (INM) issues immigration warning against Francisco Garcia Cabosa de Waca, The governor of Tamaulipas, just hours after it was announced that an arrest warrant had been issued for a judge.

The agency, which is affiliated with the Interior Ministry, issued the statement The warning was issued at the request of the Attorney General’s Office (FGR).

Purpose of Immigration Warning, Migraine Report, V.Check, register and report on the entry and exit moves of their ul Lipas Governor At the entrance to the national territory, at all points of the sea, or land.

Earlier, the Attorney General’s Office (FGR) obtained an arrest warrant against Francisco Javier Garcia Cabosa de Veca. Organized criminal offenses and activities with resources of illegal origin.

First-level officials leading the investigation have confirmed Millennium An arrest warrant has been issued against Garcia Cabosa de Waca Two additional offenses of tax fraud, for which the Chamber of Deputies approved the revocation of jurisdiction.

A few hours later, lFinancial Investigation Division (UIF) freezes Garcia Cabesa de Veca’s bank accounts, Of his mother Maria de Lourdes Cabosa de Waca Wattenberger and his wife Mariana Gomez.

In addition to requesting immigration warnings at the INM, federal officials said so The Attorney General’s Office will request a red card Interpol to find and arrest their ul libas.

With information from Janet Lopez Bones and Ruben Moso


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