Cuba gets fuel to generate energy. Will the resistance drop?

Officials from Cuba’s Ministry of Energy and Mines provided information of interest to island residents. The news is that the country has fuel to ease power cuts. The government agency made the announcement public on the Twitter virtual platform. Oil started flowing to power stations from Wednesday night, October 11.

Fuel supply will continue to gradually increase power generation. In the company’s communication, the origin of the oil was not mentioned and its quantity was also unknown. Another unknown aspect is the waiting time for the nation to access normal electricity service.

Night-time power outages create a hazard on the streets

The announcement came at a time of great stress in the Greater Antilles due to the effects of the blackouts. Guantanamo City residents expressed their fear of going out into the streets at night on Thursday, October 12.

The reason for this fear is the darkness caused by nighttime power outages. This situation creates a risk of falling or being killed by violent attacks.

In the last days of September, the Minister of Energy and Mines, Vicente de la O Levy, said that the Cuban archipelago was not without oil. In that month, the administrator promised that there would be a power outage with a shortfall of 700 MW in October.

However, the effects increased this week to 900 megawatts, one figure predicted. This increase in power outages has been approved by the Union of Electricity (UNE) and 903 MW of electricity has been confirmed for 24-hour outage.

This value represents one third of Cuban demand. The Caribbean island has recently received fuel from Mexico, Venezuela and Russia.

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