Lopez Obrador announced a referendum to repeal his decree

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lபpez Obrador announced on Monday that he was promoting a popular suggestion to reduce the low turnout in the referendum on former presidents in March and cancel the referendum, failing to get the required votes.

Lopez Obrador, who considered the consultation a “failure” amid criticism from his opponents, dismissed the low turnout by up to 7%, and said the turnout of more than 6 million voters was a “victory”.

“Democracy will never fail,” the president said during a morning conference in West Jalisco, arguing that the previous day’s referendum was “superficial” because it “marks the legal beginning of the citizen participation process.” “

In this regard, Lopez Obrador announced in March that he was promoting a popular consultation, asking whether the Mexican would like to continue in his post until 2024 or resign. “A true democrat does not have to be associated with power,” he added. The ruler began his six-year term in December 2018.

Referring to the reasons for the low turnout, the president held the National Electoral Commission (INE) accountable, without referring to election officials, who said, “They are not interested in this advice … they are pretending to be democrats.” He also said that evidence could be sought from the state governments to hold a referendum.

After 99% of the review in 57,000 minutes, INE announced on Monday that the “yes” preference reached 97% of the vote, while the “no” received 1.5%. 6,629,798 voters participated in the consultation, representing 7% of the voter list.

The turnout was less than the minimum 40% (37.5 million) requirement established by law to be subject to federal legislative and executive powers.

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Asked if the low turnout limited the perception of legal action against former presidents, Lopez Obrador said it was an open issue and that judicial officials could act at any time if there was evidence. Similarly, he said legislators could reduce the limit of participation by 40% to implement the processes submitted for consultation.

Mario Delgado, leader of the ruling party’s National Reconstruction Movement (Morena), announced on Sunday that before the “cry for justice” of the people who voted in favor of the trial of former presidents, the organization had a “people’s court” that supported the constitution, a “truth commission” and a commission against impunity for neo-liberal economic crimes. “, And the” Intermediate Justice “agenda against past human rights abuses.

“People felt that the consultation was a complete hoax, a hoax and yet another manipulation,” said Mann Cortes, leader of the opposition National Action Party, citing a low turnout Monday. Lopez Obrador used the referendum as a “ridiculous distraction” and created $ 25 million in “immoral waste.”

Some analysts have argued that the judicial authority of the Electoral Process Federation and the Attorney General’s Office has not closed the way for any action against former presidents over the past six years, regardless of the results.

After three years in office, Lopez lost his key promise to crack down on corruption, and some high court cases have been opened. Allegations of corruption leveled against former Bemex director Emilio Lozoya and other officials of that government during the government of former President Enrique Pena Nieto (2012-2018) have proven to be difficult to bring to trial.

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Faced with this situation, analysts sought to change voter turnout by blessing voters at the polls and harassing former presidents Philip Calderon (2006-2012) and Vicente Fox (2000-2006). .

In all, there are six former presidents in Mexico, the most senior of whom is Louis Xavieria, 99. The law of limits for many of the crimes charged against them has expired, most of which include corruption, bribery, embezzlement of state money and financial misconduct.

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