WhatsApp may disable your account on 31st October for these reasons

Draft.- WhatsApp continues to do many things to satisfy its users. Currently, the fast messaging app is filling its app for Android and iPhone smartphones with functions, but some people are using the app in a bad way.

They will not be able to attend future functions as they will not be able to use their WhatsApp account on October 31 due to repeated non-attendance.

Why is WhatsApp disabling your account on October 31?

Unofficial Apps: If WhatsApp detects that you are using modified apps like “WhatsApp Plus”, “Fouad WhatsApp”, “GB WhatsApp”, your account can be said goodbye.

Spread phishing and fake ads: Usually, such messages are spread by cybercriminals who try to send their scams in bulk through WhatsApp. The aim is to make you believe you have won a prize or money, with the aim of making you follow a series of steps, including installing an app containing a dangerous malware virus that puts your personal information and even bank details at risk. .

Gossip and Extortion: If you are one of those people who only share false information that creates confusion, paranoia and threats, you will be banned not only temporarily but forever until users report the message you sent.

WhatsApp Groups: Don’t name your chat as “Pedophilia” otherwise WhatsApp will block not only you but also the members of that group.

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