Super Mario Brothers removes the throne from 64 by selling for 40 million pesos

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After the most expensive video game record in history was broken twice a month ago, it happened again this weekend. Super Mario Brothers. D NES New The most expensive video gameSold as $ 2 million, About 40 million pesos.

The copy started a month ago Description of Zelda Auctioned by NES $ 870,000 Through traditional auctions. However, the taste of this title does not last long, and after two days, Mario64 Will take the stage by selling to $ 1.56 million (About 30 million pesos).

Now, within a month, another video game Nintendo Is with the throne. Copy of Super Mario Brothers. For NES, which has not yet been opened, that is Auctioned Through the rally by the company $ 2 million (About 40 million pesos).

Before The Legend of Zelda or Mario 64 took up the most expensive title in history, it was Super Mario Brothers from April 2021, Which are traditional auctions Sold for $ 660,000.

Why do you pay so much for a video game?

According to Raleigh Founder Rob Petroso, this was a “natural improvement” The value that customers give to goods That Communication Close to him Childhood. These words, one way or another, May indicate back and forth, Because, with these records, we can see more sales like this in the coming years.

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