The United States is a viable lineup to face the Philadelphia Union

Carlos Davila Osorio

Monday, August 9, 2021

Eagles of America He will return to international action this Thursday to play the first game of the semifinals Concacaf Cup, After straightening the track at the start of Apertura 2021, commanded Santiago Solari Then they have a duty to continue advancing in the competition to win a ticket to the Club World Cup.

For this reason, the Argentine Hellsman will send all the meat to the grill, so he will use some of the players who have recently arrived Tokyo 2020 Olympics. Very noticeable in appearance Memo Ochoa Y George Sanchez, Football players who see activity after several months.

Goalie: Oscar Jimenez
Security: Luis Fuentes, Sebastian Cெceres, Emanuel Aguilera and George Sanchez
Media: Richard Sanchez, Pedro Aquino, Salvador Reyes, Alvaro Fidelko and Sebastian Cordova
Forward: Roger Martinez

The only variation that could be in this painting is of Henry Martin at the top and Roger on the left and Salvador Reyes on the left, taking the place of Luis Fuentes. Whatever it is, you have a duty to win anywhere, so you will be in the finals of the federation.

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