Cruz Azul vs Tigress (0-1) | The machine dies in Liguila

Not even in his court, in front of his people. Cruz puts Azul Liguila upside down Then To lose At the Azteca Stadium this Thursday 0-1 Against the Tigers Del Piojo Herrera, who once again stole the show with a whistle, will be sent to the showers next to Diante Lopez, who will miss the Volda on Sunday with a kick assorted red on the face of Luis Abraham.

Vs. Blue Cross. புலிகள்; This is the game

Measured up to the first few minutes Sebastian Jurato stole applause and shouts Of the nearly 29,000 fans who gathered tonight at the Azteca Stadium. The young man continues his justifying process under three heavenly sticks, and he is one Dual storage After Julio César Domínguez’s rude mistake, the captain ended up giving it up in an attempt to destroy. Andre-Pierre Gignok.

The Frenchman took a shot from the right side two meters from Jurato, who extended his hand to the maximum and saved brilliantly. The ball was alive for Rafael Carioca’s second shot, the goalkeeper rebounded and Juan Pablo Vigone knelt on his head It knocked him out for a few minutes, but he was able to keep going.

Cruz was playing with Azul fire because before the pressure of the cats, it was a matter of time before the Sky-Blue team retreated and the Biojo team used minimal error. And so it happened Adrian Ultrate cut the center of Jesus Dunas without taking any riskBut it became Aim to hit the cat.

Although the first half was quiet throughout, the second half, Miguel Herrera was expelled for receiving a VAR review. In the same way, Nicolas Lopez had to leave the field as a result of the red For the mistake on Louis Abrams, the video was reviewed in the jury because he lifted his left leg and kicked the Sky-Blue player in the face.

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La McGuinness began to show too much play, and Angel Romero tested Nahuel Guzman with a shot that was able to stop the cat. Seconds later, The act of ousting Lopez was repeated on the opposite side with Christian Tabo Vigon also hit the ear in the Chile attempt, but in this case, referee Fernando Hernandez Gomez decided it was only in yellow.

Accidents caused nine minutes of compensation and neither side was able to take advantage of it Cementeros, who played with an extra player from the 60th minute.

Tigress received the full award from Azteca And even They can be defeated by a goal in the Vulta Because the global balance gives them a pass to the semifinals Cruz Azul must win by a margin of two notes To keep Tezima’s dream alive or to see the end of Juan Rhino’s era as a coach for sure.

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