“Everyone hates me”: Laura Bosco demands removal from “Celebrities 2”; niurka crime

Imprisonment and Depression “Famous house“He has already claimed his first victim, viz Laura Poso Following the revelation that he was on the reality show’s list, he demanded to be removed from the show Nominated Celebrities By his comrades to leave the house.

Nominated celebrities such as Nacho Casano, Toni Costa, Juan Vidal, Osvaldo Ríos, Mayeli Alonso and Laura Bozzo were able to harass the Peruvian presenter because he promised that “staying at home will not last long as he is surrounded by enemies”. “I was able to pick it up at the first opportunity.

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Everyone hates me. I have no contact here with many enemies, I have my show on TV. Come on, I’m going now!Laura Bozo said when convinced by her teammates that this was a game and that she was not the only one recommended.

“It simply came to our notice then. I hate double face so much. I’m going today, but they do not know me today, “Laura Bosco insisted, adding that although she had indicated that she would respect the reality show, she had promised to leave the reality show first by her own decision.

niurka answer

Laura Bosco, who went on to confess, insisted that none of the other celebrities on the reality show liked her and urged her to leave; In addition, he assured her that she did not need to be on the project because she was “living”.

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“I came here with the best intention of showing who I am. But there are many enemies here Then, honestly, let it be what God wants. Not only do I live, but if the people here want to evict me, that’s it, I quit. I’m annoyed to be here with the enemy, I have nothing here .. and let me take my cigarette, ”said the driver.

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When he left, he attacked Nyurka once again, he did not hesitate to defend himself in the most characteristic style of himself and described Laura Bozo as “arrogant” and promised he was “not buried”. “They were also recommended for her other comrades.

“Don’t think it’s so important! We are all vulnerable and at the same risk. They are believed to be the stars among them all, “the so-called” corrupt woman “insisted, treating herself well every time she came home.

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