Local and international travelers coming to the island must fill out a passenger declaration

The Department of Health That was reported today Saturday Until next Monday, December 6, all travelers entering the island, regardless of vaccination status or place of origin, must complete the Passenger Declaration. (TDF, in English).

The company said in a statement that it intends to strengthen its monitoring of symptoms through these measures COVID-19, By the warning of Sarah. The new rules apply to all airports.

Domestic travelers, not fully vaccinated, administrative bulletin number. Subject to the provisions of OE-2021-037, a negative test conducted 72 hours prior to arrival must be submitted. In addition, it is customary for passengers who fail to bring the test to pick it up in Puerto Rico within the first 48 hours upon arrival and upload the result to their TDF profile.

Sarah Alert, the company explained, is an online tool that allows you to track the signs of travelers entering Puerto Rico. Salute assured that the instrument was able to track the symptoms of 4,882,262 passengers who arrived on the island from July 15, 2020. During the Sarah Alert implementation period, 6,764 positive cases were detected.

“As we expected, We are strengthening measures to protect citizens at airports, taking into account that there is a variation in circulation that appears to be more contagious than others.. We have strict regulations regarding airports, so the changes are minimal, but it is important to continue effective monitoring, ”the health secretary said. Carlos Mellato Lopez.

The officer mentions Omigron variant Its impact on health is constantly being explored by the scientific community, as well as its effects on patients who have already been vaccinated against the virus.

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The requirement to complete the TDF by the end of October has been removed for local travelers who can present their Vacu ID as proof. However, Mellato Lopez signed the Executive Order 2021-523 Passengers must fill out a form even if there is evidence of vaccination with a Vacu ID.

Ongoing Activities Hygiene highlights the following:

1. Genetic tracking efforts through epidemiological variables of interest (travelers, places of interest, age groups, intensity, etc. in the last 14 days).

2. Early detection of the virus by molecular tests (PCR).

3. Vaccination efforts for working people (5 years and older), mainly those living in long-term care homes and incentives for populations 65 years and older.

4. Use of masks, crowd controls, hand washing, ventilated areas, physical space and more.

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