Nicaragua and three other countries in Isthmus have walked out of the US Democracy Summit.

The US government, led by President Joe Biden, has confirmed it has not been invited to Nicaragua.Summit of DemocraciesIs scheduled to take place on December 9th and 10th. In the same way, the countries of the northern triangle of Central America were excluded: Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala, as their governments have taken “very alarming measures,” pointed out Juan Gonzalez, the White House’s adviser on hemisphere affairs. .

Similarly, no invitation was sent to the regimes of Cuba and Venezuela led by Miguel Diaz-Canel and Nicolas Maduro.

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“Obviously Cuba was not called, Nicaragua was not called, and apparently Nicolas Maduro was not called, But Juan Guaidó Yes, at the same time, you know, Democracies face some challenges in places like Guatemala, Honduras and El SalvadorGonzalez explained this Thursday, December 3, at a virtual press conference announced by the EFE news agency.

Nicaragua held its presidential and legislative elections in question on November 7, when the Ordega regime ruled that 75.87 percent of the results were assigned to Supreme Court Justices (CSE) judges, Daniel Ordega and Rosario Murillo. Votes to reinstate them as president and vice president for a new five-year term.

That decision was rejected by the international community, with US President Biden describing the election as a “pantomime”.

Northern Triangle Countries “Most Concerned Activities”

“Some of the uninvited countries are democracies, but they have some very worrying functions that have pushed us aside,” Gonzalez added.

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The summit, hosted by Biden, is expected to be attended by 110 governments and members of civil society and the private sector from around the world. The guest list includes allies around the world that the US government considers democratic countries such as Spain and France.

Some guests from Latin America are Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Costa Rica, Mexico, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, Peru, Paraguay and Uruguay. Also uninvited are Bolivia, Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua and Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador.

Next week’s summit is aimed at strengthening democracy, defending against dictatorship, fighting corruption and promoting human rights.

Why were they excluded?

Commenting on the ouster of El Salvador, Gonzalez said, “The country has a confusing populism with the mandate to overthrow the democratic institutions that have subjugated them, including sending armed soldiers to the legislature.”

The argument for Guatemala refers to the actions of an official authorized by the Attorney General, Consul Boras, as well as threats against civil society and “widespread” corruption in this country.

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Commenting on the recent election in Honduras, Gonzalez said that while Washington acknowledges that “this is a democracy and a partner for a long time,” they are concerned about how corruption will not be tackled. “Corruption problems are not being addressed,” a White House official said.

He added, “We look forward to seeing Siomaro Castro next year (in a face-to-face meeting) if we see any progress.”

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