Crisis in the Peruvian government due to the situation before Venezuela: The Prime Minister publicly condemned the deputy

Peruvian Prime Minister Guido Belido has publicly denounced Deputy Foreign Minister Luis Enrique Chavez for his stance on Venezuela (Photo: REUTERS / Angela Ponce)

The image of Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro caused an internal crisis in the Peruvian government on Tuesday. Prime Minister Guido Belido has publicly condemned Vice President Luis Enrique Chavez for saying that the Pedro Castillo administration did not recognize Maduro’s legitimacy as President of the Caribbean.

In a message posted on the social network TwitterBelido contradicted the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs “It is not the position of the government not to recognize formal authority in Venezuela.”

The Peruvian Prime Minister confirmed that he had met with President Pedro Castillo Maduro during the Latin American and Caribbean (Selak) Community Summit in Mexico. To solve the migration crisis in Venezuela, Peru is accommodating nearly one million Venezuelan immigrants.

This meeting is said to be in between Castillo and Maduro, mentioned by Belido, were not informed by the Peruvian government or the Savista regime.

Peruvian Prime Minister Castro and Nicolas Maduro comment that they met during the Seleuc summit in Mexico (Photo: REUTERS)
Peruvian Prime Minister Castro and Nicolas Maduro comment that they met during the Seleuc summit in Mexico (Photo: REUTERS)

“If the Chancellor or his deputy did not like it, their doors would be open,” Belido said in a direct message to the Foreign Minister. Oscar Martua.

A few hours ago, Vice President Chavez promised in a statement to the national media The Peruvian government has not recognized the legitimacy of any Venezuelan authority since January 5, 2021, Lima Group last spoke on the Venezuelan crisis.

Sostes also commented that the reference to Castillo was supportive “In-Venezuela Dialogue” Between the various parties to reach a consensus democratic solution.

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“We have already pointed out that our support is a continuation of those talks under the Norwegian facility. The best way is not to bring in new elements to divert that conversation.”, He pointed out.

Regarding the Lima Group, the Deputy Minister pointed out that no formal legislation is needed to formalize Peru’s exit from this multilateral mechanism promoted four years ago by the former Peruvian president. Pedro Pablo Kuczynski To put diplomatic pressure on Maduro.

In this regard, the Peruvian Ambassador to the Organization of American States (OAS), Harold ForsythHe confirmed that the Lima group had “already completed its cycle” and that now the Peruvian government had promised to support the talks between Chavismo and the opposition. Last month Peru offered itself as an alternative headquarters to Mexico To carry out the process of dialogue between the parties.

Peru's Foreign Minister Oscar Martua did not comment on Guido Belido's statements
Peru’s Foreign Minister Oscar Martua did not comment on Guido Belido’s statements

Chancellor Oscar Martua He emphasized that the letter was not a signal of a formal antitrust inquiry into the allegations, but rather a signal of a formal antitrust inquiry into the allegations. “To make this process fruitful, we ultimately present ourselves as an alternative place to negotiate.”

As a country that promotes international law and peaceful dispute resolution, it supports the facilities provided by Norway at the hospitality of Mexico with the approval of the Peruvian International.“Martua, who already held the same position between 2005-2006, was succeeded by Peruvian President Alejandro Toledo (2001-2006).

Conversations take place in mediation NorwayEncouraging such an initiative two years ago failed. Representatives Russia And Holland They act as comrades of the representatives of the regime and the opposition, respectively.

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Martua, will change Hector Bazar, Who lasted 19 days in office, noted that Peru would continue the international policy announced by the President Pedro Castillo On August 13th. The president has pointed to Peru’s foreign policy on several occasions It is characterized by a policy of non-intervention, condemning unilateral sanctions against nations and maintaining relations with all nations of the world without distinction.

Neither the foreign minister who is accompanying President Castillo nor the deputy in Lima have commented on Belido’s statements. This is the first time in this government that a Prime Minister has publicly rejected members of the Foreign Ministry.

(With information from EFE and AP)

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