Facebook Messenger | Game-game trick that enables incognito mode without external applications

Nowadays apps focus on two very important terms, privacy and security, in order to attract a greater number of users. One of the applications that strengthens the above , An instant news site that currently has over 4 billion users, according to a download record from the Google Play Store. Did you know that you can chat incognito with the above app? We will teach you the steps to implement it.

This is a function similar to temporary mode , Although you can set a time limit for self-destruction for your messages here, it can range from 5 seconds to a maximum day. Also, at the end of the conversation it will be deleted automatically without any trace.

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There are many ways to create a new secret conversation in the application of Mark Zuckerberg, however we now explain to you the easiest one by using the button to create a new conversation. It is necessary to clarify that this trick works on mobiles with Apple’s Android and iOS operating systems.

How to chat in Inknito mode

  • First, make sure Facebook Messenger No pending updates on Google Play or App Store.
  • Then, tap the pencil icon in the top right corner to create the panel dialog.
  • Now, activate the lock icon on the top right and write the name of the contact you want to chat with.
  • Here you have to take into account something, it is necessary to have a mutual agreement with the other person to create an indirect conversation, because one will create and the other will accept.
  • If the user does not agree, messages will not be sent.
  • Finally, chat without issues as nothing is recorded. As you can see, a new clock icon appears in the dialog, which is used to set a self-destruct timer for messages.
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News Self-Destruction (Photo: Mac)

An additional fact is that normal and cryptic conversations always have end-to-end encryption, what does this mean? Only you and the other person can see the content of the chat.

Do you have a problem Facebook Messenger Do you want to report it? Click To report something that does not work properly in the application. If you would like to report abuse or other conversations that violate the ambassador’s rules, click on the following . Shake your smartphone and report the problem.

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