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Logitech is one of the best manufacturers of PC / ID devices and jewelry in the world, I do not think the company needs a presentation.

Some of the new products in the Swiss manufacturer’s portfolio are addressed to video conferencing services. The Logitech Rally Bar range includes several devices: Logitech Rally Bar, Logitech Rally Bar Mini and Logitech Roommate.

Let’s talk a little more about the first two, because the roommate doesn’t have to be in the equation.

This is a kind of mini PC Video conferencing services together With rooms Logitech, Free It is necessary to use another PC or Mac. Simplify with the help of Logitech roommate Notable Configuration, management and application of video conferencing tools.

New Logitech Rally for Est Built specifically for medium sized rooms Logitech Rally Bar Mini It is very suitable for small rooms. Both devices promise to replace assemblies Video In Intelniri The Cinema quality And With A clear sound, Everything In a design All in One.

The Logitech Rally Bar and Rally Bar Mini can run on their own with Microsoft teams and Zoom available from the start, without the need for video conferencing applications supported by other devices (PC, Mac). New Logitech portfolio Providing support, Further, To Other video servicesConference Such as GoTo, Bexip Ring Ring Central.

Both devices integrate a second video camera (in addition to the main one) to analyze the meeting space with the help of artificial intelligence. Application Technology Logitech RightSense And AI Viewfinder, cBitter diagnosis People face And Activities Their At the time Real, Increase Image creation skills Logitech Right Side and Camera Control, so meeting participants will always be focused, even if they join later Discussions, Moving Through the room.

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Logitech Rally Bar and Rally Bar Mini use the best quality optics and allow resolutions up to 4K. The lens supports pan and tilt movements, as well as optical zoom up to 5x. Digital zoom allows zooming up to 15x, full zoom.

Logitech Rally Bar PDP

With the comprehensive audio experience behind it, Logitech offers more voice clarity for both devices. Integrates with Logitech Rally Bar Range With speakers Low level Deviation and Set of microphones Direction Adaptive creation a Masonry, Captures voices of For each PersonComplicated, Accumulation To the person speaking And Adjustment Automatically loud and loud voices Weak, When suppressing unwanted noise. In addition, the patented anti-vibration suspension system, To reduce Vibrations From the voice of the narrator Who can Boss Through walls, stands and mobilier, So that participants can listen and listen with greater clarity.

In addition, for more comprehensive audio coverage, you can add the Rally Mike Pots microphones next to the Rally Bar and Rally Bar Mini, versatile and easy to use microphones.

See Logitech Rally Available at the end of this quarter Starting at 3,999 euros. The Rally Bar Mini costs from 2,999 euros, And from the Logitech roommate 999 euros.

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