Criminal fines require a doctor to discharge Muizhond back to Mariona

Arturo Muizhond, one of the former mayor’s defense attorneys, pointed out that Osiris was the person responsible for demanding that Luna be removed from the hospital and returned to prison.

Punishment center officials are refusing to send former San Salvador mayor Ernesto Muizhond home under house arrest with an electronic bracelet following an order from the Third Criminal Committee.

Muizhond was imprisoned in La Esperanza, also known as Miona, since mid-June, after a Tersero de Bos court ordered him to stand trial for the crime of tax evasion that harmed the solid waste directorate. Office of the Mayor of San Salvador.

As no document was obtained from the room, sources at the sentencing centers confirmed yesterday morning that Muyshant was in the aforementioned prison.

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On Friday afternoon, sentencing center officials argued that the court order could not be complied with “because electronic bracelets were not available”.

According to Arturo Muishand, the defense attorney for the former mayor of the capital, the sentencing authorities’ disobedience to the order of the Third Criminal Commission was a “blatant violation of the Constitution and human rights.”

He told El Diario de Hoi on June 4 that he thought the arrest of the former mayor was not political harassment. However, “what has been done in the last three days by the state of El Salvador is that this case has become a political persecution because of its disobedience to judicial powers such as the Third Criminal Court.”

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If President Naib Bukele had endorsed this denial of the sentencing authorities, he would not have believed it because if he “considered his father to be an honest and intelligent person like RIP, it would have serious consequences for the government in the future”.

Muyshondt assured that the embassies of the United States and other countries already have information and evidence of contempt committed by the penal centers.

“Never in the history of the Penal Centers has the High Court refused to comply with an order, nor does the Director of Criminal Centers require a physician to take a patient to prison, and to incarcerate him in a prison when he has not already been ordered,” Muishond said.

The former mayor of the capital was hospitalized for several days at a private health center on the recommendation of two forensic doctors from the Institute of Forensic Medicine (IML).

At this time the patient presents with a hypertensive crisis, which requires immediate medical treatment and control with specialization in cardiology, and should be admitted to that hospital until his or her hypertension level returns to normal, ”according to the forensic physicians’ prescription given to the court on July 23rd.

Despite this medical recommendation, Osiris Luna, director of the Penal Centers, said the doctor who attended the former mayor would have asked him to take him to jail, the guard said.

The doctor signed his statement on July 28 at 9:20 p.m.

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