Look at a bright meteorite in our sky this morning

Although the Delta Aquarius meteor shower produces small amounts of these fast flashes, it can still be impressive when you look at it.

This can be seen in the video captured from the island, which shows a bright meteorite visible on Saturday, July 31st at 3:53 am today.

“We have recently detected an increase in visible meteorites, so we encourage you to look at the sky anytime during these nights and early mornings,” the Caribbean Astronomical Society (SAC) said. .

The meteorite found this morning was a piece of the 96P / Machholz comet, which was associated with delta-aquarium rain, the academy said.

Studies of the meteor shower indicate that the debris is scattering through our atmosphere at a speed of 91,714 miles per hour (147,600 km / h).

As another meteor shower called Perseid approaches, the SAC expects more meteorites to be visible soon, with its maximum occurring on August 11, 12 and 13.

He emphasized that the meteorite seen today had left a visible line or path for several seconds, and noted that the brightest star seen at the end of the video was Denip.

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