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César Melgarejo / CEET

It is the second time in its history that the festival takes place on a date other than February, this time due to the pandemic.

César Melgarejo / CEET

Space enthusiasts had the opportunity to observe the Sun through specialized telescopes.

César Melgarejo / CEET

In its 24th edition, the Villa de Leyva Astronomy Festival celebrated the 60th anniversary of the arrival of the first man in outer space, a title held by Yuri Gagarin.

César Melgarejo / CEET

This year the festival had as a special guest Fyodor Yurchijin, hero of the Russian Federation, cosmonaut, engineer and test pilot.

César Melgarejo / CEET

At dawn, astronomy fans had the opportunity to access the staging of telescopes of all kinds and powers to observe the sky.

César Melgarejo / CEET

Specialized conferences and workshops for boys and girls were also part of the festival’s agenda.

César Melgarejo / CEET

Massing science and awakening interest in astronomy is the interest of the Astronomy Association of Colombia (Asasac) with the Villa de Leyva Astronomy Festival.

César Melgarejo / CEET

Since the arrival of the pandemic, it is the first time that the Plaza Mayor of Villa de Leyva has been opened to events.

César Melgarejo / CEET

The event also featured an astrophotography contest.

César Melgarejo / CEET

Photographic exhibition alluding to the 60th anniversary.

César Melgarejo / CEET

A Lego display with astronomy and astronautics motifs,

Astronomers and amateurs met again at this event, which has been held since 1998.

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