How is the relationship between the children of Flor Sylvester and Antonio Aguilar?

Without a doubt Bebe Akilar And his brother Antonio Aguilar Jr. They are two representative artists of regional music Mexico. According to his parents’ style, Don Antonio Aguilar Y Wild flower, Pepe Y Antonio They have been huge successes and thus one of the most important singers in the Aztec country. Currently they are showing it along with the kids Aquila dynasty It is one of the most important families in Mexican culture.

Regarding your personal life, Bebe Akilar, Everyone knows he is currently married Analis Alvarez Location Image Since 1997, it has been one of the most cohesive couples in the Aztec country. From this relationship the three children clearly followed in their father’s footsteps in the art world. We are talking Angela, Leonardo Y Ring. Especially the first two who are dazzling in music like Dad and Grandpa.


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