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The win sparked excitement at the Pichincha game concentration, where participation was directly followed.


The victory of 23-year-old Nici Dajomes brought joy to the Pichincha game concentration, where the athlete’s family, friends and sports leaders witnessed the athlete’s participation directly from the Amazon province of Pastasa.

Dajoms lifted a total of 263 kg (118 + 145) to win the Olympic medal. Weighing in at 249kg (111 + 138), American Katherine Nye, Silver, lifted a total of 245kg (108 + 137) at the Mexican Armie Fuentes.

Hugs, applause, tears and shouts of joy were repeated at the training ground where Angie Palacios, the sister of the athlete who participated in the Tokyo Olympics, was.

In the midst of tears, Angie Palacios – the sixth-ranked Olympian in Tokyo – thanked her sister for encouraging and caring for her family.

“I am very happy, satisfied and excited. I have so many emotions for that great contribution my sister made, and of course it fills us with pride as a family,” Palacios said in a statement for Picincha Sports Enrichment.

He announced that his sister would arrive in Ecuador next Wednesday afternoon after her historic participation in the Olympics.

Corneal, Dajom’s husband, He said he was “speechless” for success, but stressed that this was not the result of current effort, but the harvest of diligence and discipline from the age of 12.

“She is very dedicated to this sport. She has always been the best in every sport. She has never won an Olympics, she has won the World Medal, the Pan American Games, the Bolivarian Games, the South American Games seven times,” he listed.

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At the Pichincha Games concentration, Dajom’s relatives followed the awards directly and listened to the Ecuadorian national anthem with great pride, sobriety and a hand on their chest.

Those who attended the enrichment created and revived a “union chain” representing what the game should be, representing the distance of the Nici dazzle. (D)

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