CRA Tierras de Sayago students turn a landfill into a green space

Throughout the course that is about to end, the CRA Tierras de Sayago has participated in the Aulas Libera program organized by Seobirdlife and Ecoembes. Within this program, the Muga de Sayago classroom managed to access a second stage (Advance) with a project that aimed to reverse the situation of a bulky landfill and its surroundings, located on the outskirts of this town in the province.

Finally, with the teamwork of the entire classroom, together with the great involvement of the educational community, they have managed to create a pleasant, green space in a natural environment where a landfill had previously been installed. The purpose of this project is to make both new and old generations aware of the need to keep the environment clean and work towards sustainable development.

In addition, in all the towns that make up the CRA Tierras de Sayago, Moralina, Torregamones, Fariza, Villar del Buey, Torrefrades and Muga, various garbage collection activities have been carried out in the nearby environment and on the busiest hiking routes in Sayago.

The CRA Tierras de Sayago is located in a privileged environment within the Arribes del Duero Natural Park and Biosphere Reserve. Many projects and activities that take place in the school are carried out in direct contact with the environment, taking advantage of the rich and extensive natural and cultural heritage of the Sayago region.

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