Pablo Aguilar recalled threatening his family to fire against Puma

The abolition he experienced Blue Cross In view Poomas In Defenders 2020 Cement players were very marked and still remember who they were to this day Rated as “Sold” That too Their families were threatened.

A few days ago, Carlos Bodies, The filmmaker who is making the documentary “Azul Osgro”, some players pointed out They informed him Without mentioning the names, that’s the problem Pablo Aguilar appeared to confirm Version, because he was one of those who enjoyed it.

He asked if it had been pointed out to them They got calls In order to reduce his performance for the Vulta semi-final against the University students, the defender recognized it, and from there Details of how they lived during the few days they were removed.

Yes it affected us a lot Because over the years you’ve been doing things better and you’ve been creating important things throughout your life that suddenly someone Come and mess up your life, Because in the end it’s not just any person, but there are a lot of people who listen to what they say, in the end they can trust it, it hurts, it hurts a little bit to build someone up, “he said. ESPN.

“So, as they say, play a little more fully, There were even threats to my familyI know that too The families of the other classmates received threats Honestly those things, more because it’s football, it’s fun and everything that happens, because of one’s innovation, of course it hurts a lot, “he said.

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Crusader was waterlogged

The way Boomas got them out marked the whole team and served the team “to close the teams to everything that was said”, As Louis Romo said, Something shared by Aguilar, helped them remember all they had to bear and put them together.

We swallow a lot of things, Even among our people, is hard to say, but they tried to sell us practically everything honestly It helped us a lotAs they say, no harm came, so those things strengthened us and kept us more united than ever. “

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