Controversy over a key space in the Handicrafts Museum

The Association of Craftsmen claims halls of the iconic building located in Quintana and Salta, which for more than ten years was used by a foundation that cares for cancer patients. From the charity, they confirmed that in the next few days they will vacate the place.

From the Association of Artisans of the Province they exposed a situation that, according to what they describe, they have been requesting for a long time and it has to do with the recovery of rooms of the Museum of Traditional Crafts of Corrientes, located in Quintana and Salta.
They indicate that the space -which faces Salta street- is currently used by the Virgen de Luján Foundation and that this prevents the total exploitation of the Museum’s facilities. However, beyond the public claim, it was known that the conditions are in place to recover the space in dispute.
In dialogue with EL LIBERTADOR, the reference of the Association of Craftsmen, Biya Sosa explained: «We want to recover the usurped space, whose room is located on Calle Salta, which was temporarily loaned by the Government of the day. Approximately 15 years have passed and it is time for it to return to its current owners, we only claim what corresponds to us in our own right.
To this, they add that in that wing they plan to use it as a showroom for samples and workshops for the transmission of ancestral techniques, which will be in charge of the artisans.
They assure that the intention is to count on the integration of these spaces in the reopening of the Museum of Crafts – which is currently under construction – by the end of May.

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When consulted on the subject, the head of the Virgen de Luján Foundation confirmed that they will leave the place that belongs to the museum.
He maintained that they never refused to hand it over. “We will leave in the next few days, but what happens is that it is not easy to make a move, especially if a freight truck enters the streets of the downtown area.”
He added that the Government would be looking for a place for the relocation of the entity that assists cancer patients.


For his part, the president of the Institute of Culture, Gabriel Romero confirmed to EL LIBERTADOR that the two halls of the Museum of Handicrafts that were destined for another matter were recovered and indicated that it will be integrated into the spaces and projections of the building.
He stated that there was never disagreement with this issue and that after requesting notes from the place that was loaned, the Foundation confirmed that they will vacate it in the next few days.
«The important thing that should be highlighted is that the architectural heritage will be rescued. It is a house from 1790 that is part of the history of Corrientes ”, he indicated.
He recalled that at the end of May, the parts of the Museum of Traditional Crafts will be inaugurated, where one of the main jobs was to raise the wall that had collapsed.
It was also possible to know that the museum staff and a technical team are working both on the historic building and on the design of the exhibition spaces; the documentation of the pieces that make up the collection and the creation of material to disseminate the cultural heritage that represent traditional crafts for the province.
This museum was created in the early 1980s from funds contributed by the Organization of American States, which allowed a technical team, led by the architect Salas, to carry out a provincial survey of the situation of the artisan sector, to From which pieces were chosen that would make up the museum’s base collection and that were representative of the techniques and materials most used in the province.

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