Ilie Nastase, ready to move his museum to Budapest: “If this is not possible, I will go to Mr. Orban”

Ilie Năstase says he would not have ruled out moving his museum to Budapest if no Romanian authority was interested in building a space for him to display his trophies.

Ilie Nastase is one of the legends of world tennis. At the age of 74, Năstase became the first No. 1 in ATP history in 1973, after winning no fewer than 17 tournaments that year, including at Roland Garros. Right now, Năstase is holding his trophies at the Stejarii Country Club Sports Complex, but he would like a museum.

Ilie Nastase, ready to move his museum to Budapest

The legendary tennis player says he would like the Romanian authorities to build him a room in which to display his trophies and memorabilia collected throughout his career. Nastase says that he now has his trophies at the Stejarii County Club, but would like to exploit them in a museum. More jokingly, more seriously, the former great athlete claims that he is willing to display his trophies in Budapest, if the Romanian authorities are not interested in them.

“I have a very nice museum, I keep it here, in” Stejarii “. But if I can’t, I’ll take it to another place. In another country. For example, in Budapest. I go there, to Mr. Orban (no. Viktor Orban, the Prime Minister of Hungary), to make us in the center of Budapest, and I, and something there to put my trophies, while I live “ said Ilie Nastase of Telekom Sport.

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Ilie Nastase: “I don’t want to have a statue before I die”

A symbol of Romanian sport, Ilie Năstase would have been delighted to have a statue to display in front of a museum with his trophies. But “Nasty” claims that he would not like this statue to be erected while he is still alive:

“I don’t want to be in the center of Bucharest, even though I was born in Bucharest and have been here for a hundred years. I want to go to my academy, where I have tennis courts. Maybe if someone helps me make my museum, in front of the museum, but not until I die. I don’t want to have it before. After I’m gone, I’d like to do it. “ Ilie Nastase also told Telekom Sport.

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