Who would have been behind the cyber attack targeting US government agencies

U.S. investigators are trying to unravel the mystery of the December cyber attack that targeted several government agencies. There are many clues.

In December, several government agencies in the United States fell victim to large-scale cyber attacks. At the time, the worst attack in history was being carried out using the Internet. From the beginning, it was thought that Russian hackers might be behind this.

But there is no evidence for that.

Now investigators are beginning to find clues leading to the Czech Republic. It is a company founded by three citizens of Russia.

Who would have been behind the US cyber attack?

Investigators in the United States believe the attackers broke into the software of a Czech-based company founded by three Russians and have offices in Russia and the United States. The American newspaper writes that this is about the Jet Prince.

The company has big names among customers from the United States, thanks to which it may have been used as a gateway for some servers. Jet Prince provides solutions to tens of thousands of organizations in the United States, which appears to be a spy operation, not infrastructure sabotage.

In December, representatives of Solarwinds, an American information technology company that provides digital services to US federal agencies and agencies, said they had downloaded a compromised software update for up to 18,000 customers, allowing Russian hackers to spy on companies and businesses. Not detected for almost 9 months.

Several urgent warnings have been issued to disconnect government users from the Solar Winds project, which is said to have been compromised by “malicious actors”. Moscow has denied any involvement in the attacks, but Americans believe there was an army of hackers who surrendered to Moscow authorities behind the attacks.

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