Closing ceremony pictures of the Olympics

“Aricado” Tokyo 2020!

The Tokyo Olympics came to an end.

The Japanese capital said goodbye to a closing ceremony with pure passion for 17 days from August 8th.

The games took place without spectators and the participating athletes could not leave the Olympic Village.

To close this chapter in Olympic history, these Sunday fireworks burned the Tokyo Olympic Stadium.

But before that, his debut faced local opposition. Shortly before the closing ceremony, about 30 protesters clashed with police near the premises.

The official closing of the Games featured the participation of sca bands, brake dancers and BMX cyclists and the athletes thanked the Tokyoites with their hands and heart gestures.

In the so-called startup section “The World of Applause”We revived the excitement of the Olympics with a video reviewing 17 days of events and competitions.

“Venezuelan athlete Yulimer Roses He is the star of the show, “said Tamara Gill, a BBC Mundo correspondent in Tokyo, Japan.

Aricado, Tokyo

Tamara Gill, BBC Mundo Special Envoy for Tokyo

The games in Japan ended with the same numbness and sober tone forced by the contagion that made them feel, it all meant.

The Japanese made an effort to create the illusion and excitement of the athletes – their effort, their successes, falls and the best gestures of friendship – which were undoubtedly highlighted in the set videos aired at the event. Never-before-seen audience: who saw the ceremony from their homes.

The event was clearly designed for everyone: there were many areas that did not even take place in the arena and the Paris Relay – perfect coordination and a more lively and intimate French celebration than what happened in Tokyo was a difficult contradiction and yet another reminder of how unprecedented these Olympics were.

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With the hospitality that characterizes them, the tokens bid farewell with “arigado” in glossy letters, placed on either side of the Colossus; The feeling of “thank you” should undoubtedly give guests a break.

Firecrackers on the ground.

Firecrackers on the ground.

“We would like to express our gratitude to the countless people who have given us strength and helped us at the closing ceremony,” the event organizers said.

Moments later, six flag bearers carried the Japanese national flag to the stadium stage. According to the organizers, this is a moment for Japanese hostsExpressNowMy heartfelt thanks to the whole world ” By health professionals who worked tirelessly during the Govt-19 epidemic.

Flag of Japan

Judoka Takato Naohisa, swimmer Ohashi Yui, art gymnast Kittasono Tageru, break dancing Kawai Ramu, model Amane and deputy medical director Yokota Hiroyoki with the Japanese flag.

In the empty arena – albeit slightly more crowded than other days – the Japanese national anthem was played, sung by Takarajuka Review, a musical theater company with a history of more than 100 years.

Prince Fumihito, The heir to the throne of Japan, was at the next stand Thomas BachPresident of the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

Athletes led by Japan as the host country marched.

Unlike the opening ceremony of the Olympics, the athletes at this closing event marched without established orders.

Members of the Japan team enter the stadium.

Members of the Japan team enter the stadium. This is the first group to leave.

However, the 62 participating countries were not mentioned by their athletes.

The Tokyo rules reduced the risk of infection and the spread of the virus among locals due to the fact that many competitors flew to their respective countries within 48 hours of the end of their competition, which is why some flags were flown by volunteers.

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Athletes staying in Tokyo noticed on the field. Some danced, while others looked at the camera and smiled. They were MomentS Of happiness.

Equivo Mongolia!

Mongolia team!

& # xa1;  Team USA!

Team America!



The ceremony continued Lights and shows.

“Every particle of light comes together to form the Olympic rings, a timeless symbol of global unity that unites millions in a shared celebration,” the organizers explained.

One of the most notable performances is by the Japanese band Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra. “Tokyo Ska”, Original style based on Jamaica Ska, but with Japanese influences.

Rain of stars

As always, the game created a rain of stars.

American swimmer Single Villasenor She won five golds in the pool, while Jamaican sprinter Elaine Thompson-Hera won three tracks.

For his part, Japanese gymnast Taiki Hashimoto won two golds in gymnastics.

Estadio ol í mbico de Tokyo

Dancer Aoi Yamada during the closing ceremony.

But there were still moments that no one expected.

Gianmarco Tamberi of Italy and Mudas Parshim of Qatar They decided to share Gold In high jump instead of competing in the medal.

Norway’s Lotte Miller offered his condolences to his Belgian rival, Claire Michael.

Simon Piles, who wanted to collect a few gold medals, stood alone, prioritizing her mental health by withdrawing from five of her six events.

More music and culture

The closing ceremony also sounded Beethoven’s happy song And the flag of Greece, the birthplace of the Olympics, was hoisted.

Then the winners of the final Female and male marathon.

The Tokyo 2020 medals were made from small electronic devices made from recycled precious metals, mostly from old donated cell phones.

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Silver medalist Brigitte Goski (Kenya);  Gold, Perez Jepsirsir (Kenya);  And bronze, during the medal ceremony of the Molly Seattle (USA), Women's Marathon Final.

Silver medalist Brigitte Goski (Kenya); Gold, Perez Jepsirsir (Kenya); And bronze at the women’s marathon finals, Molly Seattle (USA).

This is followed by spectacular music and visual display. Japan ExhibitionIon Its very traditional culture.

It is time to pay tribute to those closest to you 71,000 volunteers This helped the games to take place better.

In one video traditional dances were passed down in Japan from north to south, from generation to generation.


Display of light and color …

Beginning with the popular song and dance of the Ainu people, the video continued with other traditional dances: Ryukyu Isa, Nishimon Pan Otori and Kujo Otori A virtual journey Everything JapanThis section concludes with a new version of popular music “Tokyo Ondo”.

ni & # xf1;  OS dance

In another scene, some children went out to dance.

Tokyo 2020 is over, but the spirit will continue Games Olympic In 2024.Finally, the Olympic anthem was sounded and the Olympic flag was lowered, which the Governor of Tokyo handed over to the President of the IOC and finally to the Mayor of the next host city. ParisThe French national anthem was played and the tricolor flag of France was hoisted, while Paris presented an art section.

Closing Ceremony

And the ceremony came to an end!

While the empty stadium in Tokyo was bidding farewell to the Olympics, Paris invited Marcellus to the music that revisited the world for next summer’s Olympics.

There are only 1083 days left!

¡Aricado Such … And GoFour Opportunity Paris!

See & # iza;  In Mark & ​​# xf3;  Presenting the Olympic flag with aerial fights.

Marked the presentation of the Paris Olympic flag by aerobics.



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