They are asking the Supreme Court to appoint a special judge to investigate against the entire CC

The Office of the Attorney General (PPCA) for the Persecution of Administrative Corruption has asked the Supreme Court to appoint a special judge to oversee the proceedings of the Chamber of Accounts (CC) against full members of the public ministry over corruption and other offenses.

Pepco President Wilson Camacho, Hugo Francisco Alvarez Perez, Point Pedro Antonio Artis Hernandez, Carlos Nose Tejada Dias, Margarita Melenciano Corporan and Felix are privileged Rivers with authority.

In violation of Section 12 of Act 133-11, a panel of officials is temporarily investigating the judicial injunction.

The inquiry by the public ministry will include other members of the state review committee.

Similarly, C.C. The Ministry of Public Works considers the actions of the members to be offenses such as conspiracy of officials, forgery of public documents, association of criminals, complicity in criminal offenses, fraud against the state and money laundering. Corruption acts.

Pepco deposited before the Secretariat of the Supreme Court that Article 154, No. 1 of the Constitution of the Dominican Republic, and sections 378 and 379 of the Code of Criminal Procedure have jurisdiction.

Pepka says the functions of the judge in the trial of this process should be carried out by a judge of the Court of Appeal or a judge of the Supreme Court, specifically appointed by the head of that body.

The event noted that Pepco had sent a number of requests for information to the CC: “The public prosecution has not responded without any proper justification other than fraudulently obstructing the activities of the Ministry of Public Works. “Justice is responsible for formulating and enforcing state policy against crime”.

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Similarly, the prosecutor’s office said there was evidence that the defendants “retain the evidence necessary for the investigation, but they are under their authority and refuse to provide it,” which is why “they continue to be an obstacle to justice.”

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