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Beautiful memory of Ana O’Brien to her son Ales 9 months after her death

“Nine months in my stomach. Nine months for my soul because my heart stopped beating and went with you. Forever.” These are the emotional and heartbreaking words that Anna O’Brien wrote today, Saturday. Remember the image of his son Ales, who died of cancer in May 2020 at the age of 27. The presenter marks the 13th day of each month on the calendar, now exactly 9 months after the pain loss. With meaningful news, Ana reveals what her happy pregnancy is and how time is eternal because it is not now, the actress has released some beautiful pictures from the family album. Among them, Ales can be seen together with a very loving attitude when he was in his early childhood. Three beautiful photos that Ana wants, once again and many times as needed, to pay her particular tribute to her little one. Ana O’Brien remembers the last days of the Kings with her son “months without you. Months without my son. Months without living. You shone in this life and now and forever. I love you forever. I can not say more. Sometimes simplicity is the glory of revelation.” , The actress uttered in one of the earlier messages dedicated to her son Ales. “I write to try to turn pain into words, but when pain is catastrophic, there are no words in any dictionary in the world. The most indescribable love that a person can experience is the love I felt for you. I hope the day will come when I can remember you.” In one, he wished as he addressed three sages this year: “I ask you to leave me even a second to hug my son again. If you can not give it to me, I ask you to protect my star forever”, he concluded. Ana O’Brien laughs thanks to a ‘message’ from her son Alessandro Lecchio of the Ales Sea Gallery Alesandre O’Brien and Ales’ father praise her son’s memory. Last weekend, he showed us a picture of himself sitting cross-legged with his son at a popular New York restaurant in Manhattan. A photo through the glass, as can be seen in it, Ana took them at that moment. Ales’ mother and Lechio’s former partner were in the United States, a country his son loved and the place where he grew up was a man studying political science and philosophy. “New York, The Spot Big, April 2018”, wrote the TV collaborator to indicate the skyscraper city, the name of the place in question and the date the family snapshot took place, which was a lucky year since Ales was diagnosed with the disease. Ales Legio, goodbye heartbreaking

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