Cimex tells about discounts at dollar stores

With the implementation of Operation Banking in Cuba, the Central Bank (BCC) assured that bonuses offered by banks and other types of trade will increase.

The goal, as they point out on their website, is to “encourage users to feel safe and comfortable” with this payment method, “but also that the transaction is more economically viable, more feasible, and more usable by the population”.

In this line, Cimex Corporation announced two types of discounts that are actually applied only in its dollar trading network.

From August 7th to 14th, you will get 2% discounts for purchases via QR code Transfermovil And 5% for purchases with MiTransfer bagin the commercial network in freely convertible Cimex currency that provides this service.

Both the e-commerce application and the mobile wallet are services provided by the only telecommunications company in Cuba, Etecsa.

In previous months, similar promotions have been held with a 5% discount for those who pay with MiTransfer bag. This is nothing more than a virtual account in CUP and USD tied to a mobile phone number, with which you can pay for services and goods.

Payment of deductions in dollars in Cuba

What do Cubans think of these electronic deductions and payments on the island? “You arrive at stores and boxes selling this option that are closed or have no dependents. Or there is no information you can pay for this format,” one user wrote.

“Everything in MLC.” They forgot CUP. Like if you are a micro or micro business owner or are billed in dollars. “You’re going through the same crisis,” said another person.

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On many occasions, the discount figure has also been criticized.

Cimex states that “in the event of any complaint or claim” contacting them through their customer service means:

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