Javier D. was appointed. Ferrer is President of Banco Popular

Company board of directors Popular, Inc. announced. (NASDAQ:BPOP) on Friday announced the appointment of Javier de Ferrer as president of the organization and the popular Bank In Puerto Rico and the United StatesWhile retaining his position as Chief Operating Officer (COO).

The promotion, which includes chairmanship of Popular North America Inc. and banking subsidiaries of Popular, Inc. -Banco Popular de Puerto Rico and Popular Bank- It entered into force on May 9, 2024. That's how things are, Ferrer will report directly to Ignacio Alvarez, who continues as CEO or Chief Executive Officer of the Banking Group.

Ferrer has served as COO since 2022, but his career at Popular began in 2014, where he held the positions of Executive Vice President, Chief Legal Officer and Legal Counsel.

“Since joining Popular 10 years ago, Javier (Ferrer) has excelled in every position he has held, assuming increasing responsibilities, contributing to the definition and implementation of our strategic initiatives and demonstrating exemplary leadership,” Alvarez said in written statements.

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