What happens if I lose my magnetic card in Cuba?

Losing magnetic cards in people who are not very used to them in Cuba and in the midst of the daily hustle, queues and purchases on the island is already very normal, which is why it is important to know some rules and the necessary steps to follow in case of losing this vital element.

According to information from Banco de Crédito y Comercio de Cuba (Bandec) in response to the loss of your magnetic card on the island, “It is recommended that you notify any branch of Bandec or report this through phone numbers 7862-7886 or 7860-6000 available 24 hours “.

The same must be done for cards in Cuban pesos or free convertible currency (MLC) from other banks such as Banco Popular de Ahorro (BPA) or Metropolitano de La Habana.

“You must cancel it due to loss through the phone numbers 7862-7886 or 7860-6000, which are available 24 hours a day. Then through Transfermóvil you can request a reprint. When you request a reprint by Transfermóvil, the ticket is received at the original branch of your account. For more advice, you can go to the nearest branch. And they add.

Cuba magnetic cards

From Bandec they also specify that “when you reprint your magnetic card due to loss, a new number is printed on it, but the standard account number is not subject to any modification, the last one remains the same.”

In Cuba, the use of magnetic cards in banks is increasing. Magnetic cards are an electronic payment method that allows customers to access their bank accounts and conduct financial transactions safely and easily.

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The use of magnetic cards in Cuban banks was a major advance in terms of modernizing banking services. Customers had to wait in long lines at bank branches for any financial transaction, which is something that has improved today.

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