Christian Nodal: This is what Kazoo’s boyfriend looks like when he starts tattooing

Nodal surprised his fans by sharing some photos through his social networks where the tattoo can be admired.

Life Christian Nodal He took a big turn since he confirmed fatherhood with his singer girlfriend cazzu; And it’s not just that he’s dedicated full-time to his career He decided to remove the tattoos on his face, which caused a lot of controversy.

The same singer, in an interview, admitted that the only purpose of removing these designs was that his daughter could. “She knows her face” A few months after the start of the procedure, the first results can already be seen.

The translator is through his social networks “Bottle Bottle” He surprised his fans by sharing some photos in which the tattoos can be appreciated as clearly as the stars that came with the word. “Love” He wears triangles above his left eyebrow or crossing his nose, which has drawn him much criticism.

Even if it is not enough She recently showed off a new change in her look with longer hairIt’s causing waves of compliments from her followers, who promise they look better than ever.

You can read “You’re back king. You’re back”, “How beautiful you are, it shows that you have peace”, “His relationship with Kasu is still fulfilling”, “How beautiful”, “You are precious”, “I love all your versions but this one”, “That nodal you love is back, you feel your new and good vibes”, “You are always beautiful”.

When was Kasu and Nodal’s daughter born?

A few days ago several rumors got stronger that Kazu and Nodal welcomed their first daughter together after the singer canceled his participation in a softball game at the last minute. Major League Baseball (MLB) All-Star in Seattle; However; The artist’s Mexican office said this was completely false.

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It was also said that the baby may arrive in the middle of this August; However, everything points to thatAnd The couple will have to wait a little longer until next September when they can hold their baby in their arms.

While this is happening, they have dedicated themselves to the happy stage where they are, Argentina posing for Playboy Mexico magazine and sharing some photos on their networks. For his part, he likes to publish the moments he spends with the mother of his daughter in his Instagram stories, in which the engineer appears in front of the mirror, wearing a cowboy hat, covering his chest, Nodal can be seen behind her and rubs her stomach.


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