Chivas vs Santos match summary (2-0). Goal and half time

to Guadalajara No one stops it. included him Fourth win in a row Defeated 2-0 Saints Lagoon As a part of Day 10 of 2023 ends.

Sivas Finally he delivered the chest at home and it was a second win with two good goals. First Victor Guzman Later on Fernando BeltranTop goal scorer.

They already are 21 points of the group Veljko BaunovicWho are the best in the competition?

What were Pocho and Nene’s goals?

The fight began with Sivas attacking Daniel Rios fell in the area of Mathias DoriaAnd no penalty was awarded.

The first goal came in the 15′, when Beltran He unleashed a shot that hit the post. He was already dangerous.

But it was at 17′ when the scoring opened; Robert Alvarado Takes a corner kick to the head Victor Guzman He sent it in to make it 1-0.

It’s a bit, Saints Lagoon He took the ball, and the answer was expected, but there was none; in return, Guzman He headed a ball that hit the post and gave up the second score, Ronaldo Cisneros He couldn’t get it to 26′.

while, Javier Correa He responded to Santos and in the 30′, he headed and sent it to one side.

Before the half-time whistle, Hugo Rodriguez He went into the area and sent in the 44′.

In the 45′, Chivas struck again: Beltran did Big goal by kicking a rejected ball from a corner kick; He pulls away and it’s 2-0.

No reaction, no targets…

Already in the second half, Javier Correa He hit a shot off the ball at 62′. continuously Jose GonzalezAt 65 ‘he beat him in another from the top Chance Tapathi.

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He Guadalajara He retained the advantage and won the golden victory; This is the confirmation of the great Rojiblanco step.

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