Four new crew members arrive at the space station


The four members of SpaceX Crew-6 joined the seven Expedition 68 crew members aboard the space station, expanding its population to 11. – NASA

Madrid, March 3 (Europe Press) –

A four-member international crew arrived at the International Space Station on March 3 NASA’s sixth private orbital mission with SpaceXCalled Crew 6.

NASA astronauts Mission Commander Stephen Bowen and pilot Woody Hoburg, UAE (United Arab Emirates) astronaut Sultan Alnyadi, and Roscosmos astronaut Andrey Fedayov complete their mission aboard the SpaceX Dragon spacecraft. Center in Florida.

The spacecraft was orbiting the east coast of Somalia at a distance of 418 kilometers when it arrived at the Harmony module of the orbital complex at 0640 UTC.. Crew members opened the hatch between the space station and the pressurized docking adapter at 0845 UTC, then opened the hatch to Dragon.

Faulty hitch sensor

Docking was slightly delayed while the mission teams completed resolution Problems with a faulty docking hook sensor on the Dragon. NASA and SpaceX teams verified that all docking hooks were in the correct configuration, and SpaceX developed software to override the faulty sensor, allowing the docking process to continue successfully. NASA said.

Crew 6 joins the Expedition 68 crew of NASA astronauts Frank Rubio, Nicole Mann and Josh Kasada and JAXA (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency) Koichi Wakata and Roscosmos astronauts Sergey Prokofiev and Dimitrina Pettelin.

For a while, 11 crew members will live and work together in the space Until Team 5 members Man, Kasada, Wakata and Kikina return to Earth a few days later.

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Experiments planned by the new team include studies of how certain substances burn in microgravity, and research with tissue chips on the functions of the heart, brain and cartilage. and probes that collect microbial samples from outside the space station.

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