Chinese scientists proposed to create a new calendar and universal measurement system based on the solar system

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A group of Chinese space scientists proposed to create a calendar and time-measuring system based on the entire solar system, displacing those established around the Earth and religions.According to the newspaper South China Morning Post.

The proposition arises Emerging human space explorationThis causes major problems when performing the calculations required to guide ships and instruments sent to Mars.

Scientists have published in their article Journal of Electronic Measurement and InstrumentationHighlight Inability to determine the exact time of the Red Planet by synchronizing it with the Earth.

Radio signals sent between the two planets take between 3 and 22 minutes to travel due to constant changes in their relative position and speed.

The authors propose to develop a measurement mechanism that works beyond Earth Use the common center of the solar system as the origin of coordinates to determine locations in space.

Gliese 887 EFE/Mark Garlick / Artist's rendering of a compact planetary system at the University of Göttingen (Germany)
Gliese 887 EFE/Mark Garlick / Artist’s rendering of a compact planetary system at the University of Göttingen (Germany)

“The beginning of time can be defined as the moment when a selective signal from a millisecond pulsar, a highly magnetic neutron star that pulsates hundreds of times per second, reaches the barycenter,” they said.

Setting standards will be a major challenge Choose a specific pulsar and signal for a start time on the calendarThe researchers said.

This differs from the current system, an internationally accepted calendar determined by our planet and religious events at the center of a coordinate system.

“Beyond Earth Needs a New Type of Time Control”Researchers from various institutions related to China’s astronomy and space sector said.

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In recent years, China has invested heavily in its space program Chang’e 4 managed to land the probe on the far side of the Moon -This was achieved for the first time- and to reach Mars for the first time, the third country – after the United States and the former Soviet Union- to “land on Mars”.

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