Car crashes into British government headquarters in Downing Street: Police arrest one

The car that hit the gate (Ben Hutton/AP via PA)

A vehicle collided with the entrance gate today on Thursday Downing StreetAccording to the British media, it is the residence and office of the British Prime Minister.

Public chain BBC said One person has been arrested by the police After the incident, he did not know if it was deliberate and the first estimate was that there were no injuries or casualties.

A video posted on social media was shown A white car with an open trunk against tall metal gates. Besides, the BBC It released pictures of the car, which was a white utility vehicle He crosses the road towards Downing Street at a slow pace, going even slower before hitting the gate.

London police arrested a man
Police cordoned off the area (Reuters)

Television also showed a photo of the suspect being handcuffed and led away by police officers. It was a white man, apparently middle-aged, wearing a light colored t-shirt.

Security forces checked the trunk of the vehicle.

(AP via James Manning/PA)

Dozens of interest They huddled behind a police cordon set up around Downing Street, although the atmosphere was generally calm and the security situation appeared to be under control.

The incident took place in It is a time when there is a lot of traffic in the areaEspecially government employees who have finished their workday.

Public access to the street is restricted and the gates are guarded at all times by armed police officers.

These fences, which close access to the famous Downing Street, were installed in 1989 for security reasons. Previously, the public could walk to the famous black door of the British Prime Minister’s official residence.

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(With information from EFE and AFP)

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