A lawyer for Ganodromo’s colonel says the prosecution’s charge has no legal basis

Prosecutor Bunel Ramirez refers to the charges filed by the National District Attorney’s Office against the former manager of the vehicle retention center. greyhound, Colonel Ysabelita de los Santos, No legal basis.

Consider the incident Relates to conflict between officers or officers Citizens with constitutional status.

“When the case is disposed of, it will be revealed that the Ombudsman has committed outrage against the Colonel (a) and his subordinates under Section 224 of the Penal Code,” the lawyer said yesterday in response to the prosecution’s allegation. .

He also indicated that he will present Ombudsman Pablo Ullo as the first defense witness on behalf of his client because he maintains his own statements. They will show that He caused the incident.”

This Friday, the National District Prosecutor’s Office deposited formal charges against seven people involved in the occupation of the Greyhound Trail, against the members of the Commission led by the Ombudsman, Pablo Ulloa, at the Coordinating Office of the Courts., As well as journalists, last April.

In this case, the prosecution is seeking to open an investigation against Yzabelita de los Santos Perez, Geraldina de los Santos Pena, Marisol Vargas, Nathaniel Javier Javier, Starling Ramirez Sierra, Ronnie Recio Rosario and Carlos Oliver Borg Paulino.

establishes that the defendants He physically and verbally assaulted the victims.

The ombudsman, along with staff from the company he runs and representatives of the media, visited the center to conduct an inspection, which was prompted by repeated complaints at his offices.

As the victims were preparing to enter the administrative offices of the Vehicle Detention Center, accused Ramirez Sierra CDN snatched video cameras from the cameraman and destroyed them and a smart watch, snatched cameras from a reporter from List’s Diario and a photographer from the ombudsman, and physically assaulted both of them.

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Later, he physically assaulted Pablo Ullo, striking him in the back and aggressively pushing him, according to the forensic medical certificate, which he says can heal physical injuries in one to ten days.

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