Calma Acústica, the Petrer company that brings “auditory peace” to workplaces and social spaces

Peter. Offices, classrooms or restaurants. These are some of the places the company operates peter Acoustic Calm provides “comfort of hearing” for those who use these spaces. The company offers all kinds of places to improve their sonic quality. Hence, its facilities Soundproof panels that are installed without work and integrated into the decoration of the building, managed to eliminate shriek, echo and echo. They do this in places where a large number of people congregate in a small space, making annoying noises and sounds, although they are often unaware that it is happening.

The company is born from more than 20 years of experience in furnishing offices, work areas and group spaces, from its General Manager Tony Lopez, where he discovered the common need of all of them to address the resonance problems that existed in them. “Born from day to day. I realized thatworking in the office equipment sector for a major brand and visiting many jobs, The office echo is uncomfortable And I thought of an audio solution for their workstations. Then I realized that this can be extrapolated to hotels, gyms or schools, for example.”

Speaking of schools, Lopez stresses, “We have worked, for example, with Santo Domingo School Savio de Peterer. In this center we have solved the noise problem in the gym and now we are expanding to more areas With our systems, like the dining room. In addition, we are working on displaying Serenity Zones and recording video.”

Similarly, they have carried out work in the offices of 3Dids, at Alicante and at Aire Networks, at Elche. In Alicante “we managed it In an office where we had problems every time we did several video conferences At the same time, since the sound of other conversations was leaked, after the intervention, not only has this problem been corrected, but a quieter environment has also been realized.” Meanwhile, in the Elche telecommunications company, I worked with a design studio to lay out the panels in color by company. For Finetwork, in Offices call center in which they have it Elda They have installed better sound systems, also in another new space in Madrid.

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The The secret of this system is the difference between acoustic conditioning that does not need to be builtAnd the soundproofing which needs work. In this case, insulation aims to prevent outside noise from entering or to filter outside noise, but it does not improve the acoustic quality of the environment. “When the A/C installation is done without the chores, it’s much cleaner, faster, and cheaper,” says Lopez. The intervention for their placement can be completed in one day.

To find out which technique to use, a technician from the company first visits the area to measure the reverberation area, or decibels. A technical solution has been proposed to address the phonetic problem and the most appropriate formula. “The customer decides Which solution is most suitable for you and choose the one you want to implement”. The design, colors and finishes of the panels are also taken into account according to their integration in the chosen space. In this sense, the installation is reversible (it can be removed)” and Its effects are immediately perceivedas well as verification by a new measurement, ”according to Petrer.

To correct this reverberation and improve the acoustic quality of that space, what is done is to install insulation equipment or panels to reduce the acoustic impact in certain areas where the reverberation is excessively loud. This achieves acoustic balance.

The company has eleven employees and installs throughout the Valencian Community, with plans to expand to the rest of Spain. In growth plans have the ability to create mandates at the national level through partners It could be an extension of you, with a commercial team from the area.

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