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The Science Tuesday course resumes next Tuesday in Alhondega, promoted by the Ministry of Culture of the Zamora City Council, in collaboration with teacher and publisher Marta Pérez Fulgado. The conference returns to Alhóndiga with three “indefatigable” female scientists and publishers who will address completely different topics: from the contribution of coal researchers to myths and lies about food and, finally, what is “hidden” beyond appearance. The program was presented by Culture Advisor, María Eugenia Cabezas, who insisted on the importance of continuing cooperation with these initiatives to promote “scientific dissemination” and for the population to know and have access to “reliable knowledge,” as well as to “appreciate” the importance of science for social progress.”

The course begins on May 14 with Chemical Engineer from the University of Oviedo and Doctor of Environmental Technology, Teresa Valdés Solís, also a scientist at the Institute of Carbon Science and Technology (INCAR-CSIC). As a member of several scientific and research societies (AEAC, RSEQ, SECAT, GEC, AMIT), Valdés works tirelessly to publish research, and currently, in addition to her research work, she holds the position of Deputy Director of Programming, Monitoring and Science Publishing at ( INCAR-CSIC), publisher of and behind the blog

In her work to bring the works of female scientists out of oblivion and popularize them, Teresa Valdés will speak in Zamora about the contribution of these women to coal research and present the Periodic Table of Scientists, which brings together the names of prominent female scientists, each represented by its own 'element'. Each box collects information about each of them, with their name, specialty, achievements, and significant contributions to science.

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The course continues on May 21 with Gemma del Caño and her talk “From porridge to pasta, everything is brown. “What they don’t tell us about food.” Pharmacist, graduate in pharmacy from the University of Salamanca, specialist in industrial pharmacology and pharmacovigilance, del Caño dedicates His efforts for food safety, he is the Technical Director of Pharmaceutical Quality, Associate Professor at the European Miguel de Cervantes University of Valladolid and a tutor in the Master of Biotechnology, Innovation and Food Safety of the same university.

She also often appears as a collaborator in various media and talks about food. She is also part of the Naukas project and is the author of the book “We don't eat like we used to, thank God!” and the Farmagemma blog.

The program concludes on May 28 with Kunci Lilo and her conference entitled “How do you see it?” Lilo holds a degree in Biology and a PhD in Neuroscience from the University of Salamanca. His research work is currently devoted to the study of retinal diseases. Specifically, it seeks to understand the cellular and molecular mechanisms involved in certain degenerative disorders of the visual and central nervous systems. She is also a professor at the Faculty of Biology at the University of Salamanca and has postdoctoral experience in cell biology and transmission electron microscopy. In addition, he runs the Electron Microscopy Service at the University of Salamanca.

She belongs to the Spanish Society of Neuroscience and is the author of the book ¡Abre Los Ojos!, which she published last year with Next Door Publishers and which recently received the IO-CSIC Hashtag#PremiosFotón hashtag#FotónEmitido (CSIC Optics) Institute award) with a video of the quantum break.

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This is the planned schedule:

Presented and moderated by: Marta Pérez Fulgado

-May 14: Teresa Valdessolis (@@tvaldessolis). “Women of Science and Coal.”

-May 21: Gemma del Caño (@@farmagemma). “From porridge to pasta, everything is brown. “What they don’t tell us about the food.”

-May 28: Conchi Lillo (@ConchiLillo). “what do you think?

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