Government recovers public space in ten municipalities.

In order that the young people and children of the municipalities of the Atlantic have spaces for fun and healthy coexistence, the Government of the Atlantic, through the Ministry of the Interior, has been recovering environments to reduce the opportunities of crimes associated with physical environment conditions and the lack of public lighting, surveillance, among other factors.

The environment recovery program strengthens the perception of security among the community, public spaces are recovered and they are arranged in a positive way to develop a healthy coexistence. “From the Ministry of the Interior, hand in hand with our community, we implemented the ‘Safe Environments for People’ program and we are recovering important spaces, so that our children and young people can make better use of their free time”, said the Undersecretary of Community Participation, Jaime David Navarro.

Navarro added that with these works the perception of security and healthy coexistence in the department are improved.

“Last year Safe Environments, in its first stage, it reached 12 municipalities and this year it will reach 10 more, in order to shelter the 22 municipalities of Atlántico and their townships,” the official explained.

In 2020, 54 spaces were intervened in 12 municipalities and in this second phase there are 100 spaces that will be recovered, that is, ten in each municipality.

The municipalities benefited in this stage are Santa Lucía, Suan, Manatí, Candelaria, Polonuevo, Palmar de Varela, Usiacurí, Tubará, Malambo and Puerto Colombia.

At the end of this second phase, on July 23, there will be 154 recovered environments, which will generate a positive impact on the community.

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