Espacio Municipalista – EMT adjustments to the budgets of the City of Teruel

Pictured is Teruel City Council spokesperson for the Espacio Municipalista – EMT, Zesar Corella

And in the memorandum that they send us from the formation of the left, they tell us the following regarding this issue

The formation offers budget adjustments of more than €1 million.

Espacio Municipalista – EMT has submitted a series of amendments to the municipal budget for 2023 with the intention of “Improve the quality of life of the citizens of Teruel, integrating more employees into public services so that they are better provided and offered a better quality of employment.”

The proposals made by the training amount to an adjustment in credits of €1,260,667.1 and aim to “improve and strengthen public services by integrating more staff” and thus “provide more quality employment and care for citizens.”

The Labor and Service Brigades, the Cleaning Service, the Parks and Gardens Service, as well as the Municipal Concierge will see an increase in the number of employees with the Municipal Space – EMT proposal, and privatized services will be dispensed with.

Likewise, since formation, they have raised the need to create a new Service of Forestry and Natural Conservation to take charge of the maintenance of Las Arcillas and Ribera del Turia, among other places to which they can frequent, and in this way “avoiding dependence on private companies is not the answer.” best to provide the services that the City Council is obligated to provide by law.”

As for improving living conditions, the training suggested two specific issues that the city council could adopt which are, in its opinion, “essential to move towards a cohesive society without significant differences between classes” and that is to contribute through “building public housing for rent at reasonable prices.”

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On the other hand, “low-income pensioners can travel for free on the urban bus, because these people usually have more complicated mobility due to their advanced age and are therefore more dependent on public transport.”

Regarding the large investments of the Espacio Municipalista – EMT, they believe that the priorities of the government team are not enough, considering that “progress in social and cultural matters is a matter of” justice “, and for that they propose that the complete restoration of the Church of San Miguel be done to transform it into a cultural and building space A new municipal center for social services and a social center – two “essential” jobs.

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