Why do we need entrance mats

The advantages that a carpet brings to the place where it is placed are multiple, from keeping it clean, soundproof, protection and disinfection, to the most beautiful appearance, the pleasant interior design. There is another type of carpet that we do not give much importance to, although they greet us right at the entrance of the house.

Practical, but also attractive

As a general rule of thumb, we think it’s important that these outdoor rugs are practical in the first place. It is also normal, because they are placed right at the entrance of the house or in institutions and office buildings, which keeps dirt away. It is enough to clean it well, and in this way the cleanliness of the spaces through which you are about to enter will be maintained much better. It can be placed both outside and inside, but it must be cleaned regularly and obligatorily, especially during this period, a layer of protection against germs must be applied.

Also, don’t forget your appearance. It is important to choose something that you like, that matches the way the location or house is organized. Fortunately, in specialized stores there are mats, in a wide range of models, sizes and colors.


As for the materials with which they are made, those of coconut fiber, rubber or polypropylene are usually preferred, or any other that prevents slipping. We don’t think it is necessary to motivate why such a rug is needed, do we?

Removes dirt, but also germs

Whether you choose outdoor rugs or indoor rugs for tickets, you shouldn’t miss out for two obvious reasons. It helps you to better control interior cleaning, but also to keep germs or bacteria that you can bring to the soles of your shoes from the outside under control. The same is the case when it comes to entering a building, be it revolving doors or normal.

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Disinfectant mats

As we all know, we do not live in a totally aseptic space. On the contrary. In addition, under current conditions, we must be more careful than ever when complying with hygiene and protection measures. Therefore, the recommendation is to resort to disinfectant mats, especially in the case of health establishments, schools, supermarkets, state institutions, offices, beauty salons and others. In this way, you have professional hygiene and exemplary cleanliness, provided that you turn to the best professionals from whom you can purchase your product.

It is very important to use and apply them correctly. The recommendation of the specialists is that they are located right at the entrance, and perhaps it would not be such an unusual idea to choose them for your own home. You will be able to keep cleanliness under control, but you will not allow germs or bacteria to enter your home.

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